Too much on your mind?

Thinkdrop aims to help you by unloading your thoughts and thus your mind

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Made for dropping your thoughts

Private and Secure

All your thoughts are encrypted and stored locally on your phone or your iCloud account. Your thoughts are only accessible by you similar to your own mind.

Thoughts Library

All your thoughts within one view. Adding new thoughts is just a click away.


Sometimes your original thoughts can have follow-ups. Expand on them and create a thread and see where you end up.

Write, snap or record

Thoughts don't have to be written only. Take a photo or even record your own voice to unload your thoughts.


Understand yourself better using an arsenal of statistics.

More Protection

Protect yourself even more with additional options to make yourself as private and secure as possible.

And... even more

iPadOS, thoughts pinning, automatic deletion, search, statistics, Thinkdrop premium, sentiment analysis, tweet button, location snapping, automatic-tagging and even more to come